Aaj Tv Frequency Update On Paksat 38E 2016

Aaj Tv Frequency Update On Paksat 38E 2016
Aaj Tv Frequency, New Frequency Update  on paksat 38 E Aaj TV Channel are AAJ Tv Network, AAJ news, Play, AAJ Entertanment. Aaj TV is a 24 hour Pakistani news television channel. Aaj in English means “Today”.Aaj News was initially started on March 23, 2005 by the Business Recorder Group. The Business Recorder Group is one of the most prominent media conglomerates in Pakistan.As Aaj News is the only Television network to have an Earth Station, it provides flexibility and control in responding to local and international events. aaj News caters to all tastes by providing four programming features in the form of News, Current Affairs, Entertainment and Infotainment.

Aaj TV Frequency Updated 2016

Aaj TV Frequency On Paksat 38 E

Channel Name       :AAj tv/AAJ news/Play/AAJ Entertainment
Satellite     :Paksat-38 E 1R
band       :c-band
Frequency    :4074
Symbol rate  :6150
FEC          :3/4
Polarization  :Vertival
Video Encruption:MPEG-4/HD

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