Worldwide Free IPTV Links M3U Playlist URL Lists Updated 2022

 Worldwide Free IPTV Links M3U Playlist URL Lists Updated 2022

 The Best Free IPTV Playlist M3U/M3U8 URL Player

 Enjoy IPTV Channels with 5KPlayer

• Live stream IPTV M3U/M3U8 playlist URLs free.

• Receive IPTV streaming from iPhone iPad through AirPlay.

• Watch live TV channels from computer to smart TV via DLNA.

• Alternative to Plex, Kodi, Emby, etc. IPTV streaming.

Free Download IPTV Player

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Worldwide Free IPTV Links M3U Playlist URL Lists Updated 2022

Covering 6,000+ available free IPTV playlist M3U/M3U8 links of popular IPTV channels collected online from different countries and regions all over the world, this page offers wide choices of watching live TV in different kinds through IPTV M3U links like If needed, get the one you are looking for from the IPTV list here.

• Before getting started with the below list of M3U playlist URLs from IPTV channels worldwide, make sure you have already downloaded 5KPlayer for Windows or 5KPlayer for Mac on your computer to help play IPTV playlist URLs and watch live TV channels without cable directly and also stream to a smart TV.

• As a versatile 4K IPTV media player with HD, MP4, MKV, 360°, MP3, etc playback abilities, 5KPlayer outshines others as a free IPTV player to play IPTV playlist M3U/M3U8 links on a computer directly. As long as your IPTV playlist URL is ended with .m3u8/.m3u extension and is working properly, 5KPlayer recognizes it and plays it smoothly. You are also allowed to stream IPTV channels from iPhone iPad to PC and from PC to smart TV (including LG, Samsung, Sony, etc. smart TVs) by using 5KPlayer’s AirPlay and DLNA functions respectively.

How to Play IPTV Playlist M3U Links on Mac and PC with 5KPlayer?

Here, we will tell you how to play an M3U URL listed on this page.

Step 1. Get Free IPTV Player 5KPlayer

• Click on the download button on this page to free download 5KPlayer, install and launch it on your Mac or Windows.

Step 2. Play IPTV Playlist URL

Method 1. Drag and drop the downloaded .m3u file directly to 5KPlayer to play. (To download the IPTV channel list as a .m3u file, just copy the .m3u URL on GitHub page to your browser and hit Enter, then it will be downloaded to your computer.)
• An .m3u file often contains a list of .m3u8 IPTV channels. When you play a .m3u file, it will play each channel one by one from top to bottom, so you can’t directly watch the IPTV channel you want most. Therefore, you are suggested to use method 2.

Method 2. Click on the “Live” icon on the main UI of 5KPlayer to access the playback window. Then, input the .m3u8 link (for instance: from a .m3u file to the box and hit Play to start playing specific channel. Worth mentioning, you are also allowed to directly input a .m3u URL of IPTV playlists to 5KPlayer to play.

• To make things easier, we have prepared some .m3u and .m3u8 URL list examples for you to copy directly to 5KPlayer for the test.

.m3u links: (the United States) (the United Kingdom) (France) (Germany)

.m3u8 URLs: (BBC World News UK) (ABC News Digital 1) (Bloomberg TV Europe) (CBSN)

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