XSportNew Biss key on Astra 4A

XSport New Biss key on Astra 4A Latest Updated 2016:
Here are the XSport Biss Key updated 2016 for you. You can update your dish and watch X sport on your TV by updating the BISS Keys of X sports. We have provided the latest Biss key of X Sport for you, you can proceed to update your TV channels from below key.

 XSport New Biss key

Updated 2016 X Sports

XSport New Biss key Astra 4A 4.8 E
 XSport biss key Update 12-3-16


Freq   :12130 v
S.R    :27500
SID    :1A13
Update on 20-5-13
Biss Key: 11 22 33 66 33 22 11 66


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